Sunset at the Zoo – lions, tigers, and bears

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Sunset at the Zoo - owl and zoo keeper

The family and I went to the Sunset at the Zoo event last week. For those of you who don’t know, Sunset at the Zoo is a series of events that feature musicians and extra activities. On those days, the Oregon Zoo also stays open an extra couple of hours. The kids and I had a fun time. There was music by the Pete Krebs Trio, Copper and Coal, and Trashcan Joe. And my kids enjoyed the children activities. My kids were also well-behaved for a change. They didn’t even complained when we made them eat cotton candy and ice cream. Anyways, Sunset at the Zoo is a fun event for both kids and parents. Unfornuately, Sunset at the Zoo is over and you’ll have to wait until next summer to attend one.

Sunset at the Zoo - elephant

Compared to the Sunset at the Zoo event we attended last year, this year’s event was a little different. For instance, there were bands in other areas of the zoo, but there wasn’t a band performing in the main concert area. I’m guessing it’s because the elephants were relocated next to the concert area while their new home is being built. All the elephants stomping to the beat would probably register as a minor earthquake on seismic monitors. We can’t have that now, can we?

Sunset at the Zoo - hawk

Instead of a band in the concert area, there were a bunch of activities that kids really seem to enjoy:

  • How far can you jump game and Glow-in-the-dark tattoos (fundraiser for ZooKeeper Association)
  • Wildlife Live animal talks
  • Banfield’s Howl & Meow Contest at the stage
  • Wildlife Live animal talks

Sunset at the Zoo - giraffe

I really like the Sunset at the Zoo events. The Oregon Zoo seems less crowded and I like the leisurely evening pace while we walk around the zoo. Sunset at the Zoo is the last activity of the day for us, so we don’t have to rush through the zoo because we have to be somewhere else by a certain time.

Sunset at the Zoo - lion

Sunset at the Zoo - tiger

Sunset at the Zoo - bear

Sunset at the Zoo - wart hog

Sunset at the Zoo - owl

Sunset at the Zoo - snake

Sunset at the Zoo - hippopotamus

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