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Win Disney on Ice Frozen Tickets at Sunday Parkways

Disney on Ice Frozen

According to the local new, it’s going to be sunny on Sunday, which will be the last Sunday Parkways of the year. At this weekend’s event, Disney on Ice will be hosting a Frozen’s Biggest Fan karaoke booth — you can win tickets to see the upcoming show in Portland (October 22–26, 2015). At the booth, kids can sing karaoke songs from Frozen. In addition, children will be able to add a Frozen crown to their bicycle helmet while riding around the Sunday Parkways route. BTW, the Disney on Ice presents Frozen booth (11am – 4pm) will be at Tilikum Crossing. I have not walked across it yet, but I love our new bridge. It’s so beautiful.

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Citybikes – a local source for used bike parts

Citybikes - Portland source for used bike parts

If you’re looking for a bike part, but don’t want to splurge for a new part, then you should check out Citybikes. For the past two summers, I have been having intermittent problems shifting gears. The problem usually happens when I hit a hill and I want to shift to lower gear. Then I’m stuck in high gear and swearing all the way up the hill. I finally took my bike to Bike Gallery to have them take a look at it. The bike tech looked at it and told me both of my shifters need to be replaced. Unfortunately, I have an older bike and they don’t make shifters for my bike anymore. The tech then directed me to eBay and also told me I might be able to find used shifters at Citybikes. I went to Citybikes, but didn’t find any integrated 2×7 shifters for my bike. However, I still think Citybikes is a good place to look for used bike parts.

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