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Oregon Zoo Opens Elephant Lands

Elephant Lands at Oregon Zoo

Hello, Portlanders. Elephant Lands at the Oregon Zoo is now officially open to the public. The new area for the elephants is about four times the size of their former habitat. Elephant Lands now accounts for almost 10% of the zoo’s 64-acre footprint. A cool feature Portlanders will love is the new bridge that overlooks the six-acre Elephant Lands. The panoramic view is awesome.

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See the Oregon ZooLights by Train

Oregon ZooLights

ZooLights is finally open at the Oregon Zoo. From now through January 4th, Portlanders can check out the splendid light show. We went last weekend and had a wonderful time. It was very cold, but we still fun. This year, the train is even back. Because of the new construction at the zoo, the train route is different from previous years. But it’s still a great way to see the lights at the Oregon Zoo. BTW, we also bought some fudge from their store. My family loves their fudge!

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Six Zoo Lights Tips for 2013

Oregon Zoolights 2013

The ZooLights are now open at the Oregon Zoo. We received an invite to attend earlier in the week. It was cold, a little windy and wet, but we had a great time. The last time we went to zoolights, we took the zoo train. But the train isn’t running this year because of the elephant exhibit expansion. In my opinion, it’s not a big deal. The train is a convenient way to see the lights, but it gets even colder when you’re traveling on the train. On the other hand, walking gets your heart pumping, and you can take your time looking at the lights. As I said already, we had a wonderful time. The zoo lights run through Sunday, January 5th. The event will be closed on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Continue reading for some zoolights tips and more photos.

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Howloween at the Oregon Zoo

Halloween tiger at the Oregon Zoo

My kids and I attended the Howloween event at the Oregon Zoo yesterday. The event featured activities throughout the zoo, but the main activity was the scavenger hunt. My kids loved the scavenger hunt. In fact, they were more interested in finding things than were at looking at the animals. Strange, right? They’re at the zoo and the animals were their secondary focus.

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Sunset at the Zoo

My daughter with a sea otter at the Oregon Zoo

The family and I went to the Sunset at the Zoo event last week. It was the last Sunset at the Zoo event for this year. We had an awesome time. The kids went to the Oregon Zoo a couple of weeks earlier, but they said they had more fun at Sunset at the Zoo. It’s easy to see why. In addition to the animals, there were music and all sorts of fun activities going on. The kids even got to hang out with a princess. If you never been to Sunset at the Zoo, you should definitely go next year.

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Sea Otter Awareness Week in Oregon

Sea Otter Awareness Week

Next week is Sea Otter Awareness Week (September 23rd to 29th, 2012). Each year, zoos, aquariums, natural history museums, marine institutions, filmmakers, researchers, academics, educators, and the public participate in various events and activities highlighting sea otters and their natural history and the various conservation issues sea otters are faced with. Oregon is no exception. For instance, both the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Oregon Zoo have activities planned for Sea Otter Awareness Week.

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