Citybikes – a local source for used bike parts

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Citybikes - Portland source for used bike parts

If you’re looking for a bike part, but don’t want to splurge for a new part, then you should check out Citybikes. For the past two summers, I have been having intermittent problems shifting gears. The problem usually happens when I hit a hill and I want to shift to lower gear. Then I’m stuck in high gear and swearing all the way up the hill. I finally took my bike to Bike Gallery to have them take a look at it. The bike tech looked at it and told me both of my shifters need to be replaced. Unfortunately, I have an older bike and they don’t make shifters for my bike anymore. The tech then directed me to eBay and also told me I might be able to find used shifters at Citybikes. I went to Citybikes, but didn’t find any integrated 2×7 shifters for my bike. However, I still think Citybikes is a good place to look for used bike parts.

Citybikes used bike parts

Citybikes actually have two locations. The one I went to is their repair shop (1914 SE Ankeny, 503-239-0553). In addition to repairs and used parts, that location also buys used bike parts. They also have a tool loan program so you can make repairs yourself.

Their other location is their annex store (734 SE Ankeny, 503-239-6951). Their annex store sells bike frames and complete bikes (both new and reconditioned). In addition, they also buy used bikes for resale.

Citybikes store poster

About Citybikes

Citybikes was founded in 1986 by Roger Noehren, after a worker split from the Bicycle Repair Collective with designs on starting a bike shop catering to the three-speed city rider. Sharing a storefront with the Bicycle Commuter Service, Citybikes became a repair shop and clubhouse for commuting and touring cyclists. Five years later, the owner had tired of sole proprietorship, and was realizing the advantages of the collective structure. He decided to sell the business to the current workers, and encouraged them to form a cooperative.

Citybikes promotes a life-style utilizing bicycles for transportation and recreation. They aim to provide dependable reconditioned bicycles, new and used components, accessories and the highest quality service at affordable prices to ensure that bicycling is accessible to the full spectrum of those that wish to ride. They minimize the impact their business has on the environment by reusing parts, reselling pre-owned bikes, and stocking locally-made products. They maximize the utility of bicycles as a viable alternative to motorized transport by providing products that increase a bike’s carrying capacity, and gear to protect riders from the natural elements and motor traffic.